Viruses are the common enemy of mankind

2021-08-31 18:14:48 美国华兴报
The course of human health development is a history of fighting against various viruses and bacteria, a history that involves both mutual conflict and harmony. According to incomplete statistics, there are 5 Nonillion (5 million trillion trillion) species of bacteria in the world and over 3 hundred thousand types of viruses potentially threatening mammals. The origination of COVID-19 also comes from nature. Recently, the British government has clearly stated that COVID-19 should be treated as Influenza Viruses. This is a scientific and wise statement. Viruses and bacteria exist everywhere, and it's time to terminate those COVID conspiracies.
What people should do now is to stop mutual mistrust and strengthen economic cooperation. The world should be open, inclusive, and cooperative.

Let's take a look at the opinions of experts, professional scholars, and political celebrities from all over the world, which will assist in clearing disbelieve from the inside out and rebuild the world's thinkings normal and rational. Experts of the World Health Organization believe that there is no evidence that the virus leaked from the laboratory. "Lianhe Zaobao" reported on 31st May 2021, that Australian scientist Dwyer, an expert of WHO's global COVID-19 origins tracing team, insisted that there is no evidence to prove COVID-19 leaked from the laboratory on an interview on the 28th.

Dr. Mike Ryan indicating that the COVID-19 origin tracing process was poisoned by politics.
Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme, emphasized that the entire tracing process has been poisoned by politics at a press conference on 28th May. 'Putting WHO in a position like this is very unfair to the science we are trying to carry out. And it puts us as an organization frankly in an impossible position to deliver the answers that the world wants ', he claims, 'We would though like for everyone out there to separate if they can, the politics of the issue from the science.', 'we would ask this to be done(origin tracing research) in a depoliticized environment where science and health is the objective of this.'
At the press conference on 8th June, Michael Ryan once again emphasized that the WHO has no right to force China to disclose more information about the origin of COVID-19. The WHO will propose necessary research to increase the understanding of the virus origin to the " Next level". “Shike News” reported on 15th June that Michael Ryan stated that the recent media reports on the origin of this epidemic had 'almost no actual evidence or new materials(as evidence)', and said that the origin of the epidemic was 'deeply politicized', which hindering WHO form getting 'an answer sheet that satisfies the whole world.'

Dr. Peter Daszak, virologist, President of EcoHealth Alliance, member of WHO, wrote in an article on 30th May, stating that he and other experts who went to Wuhan for COVID-19 origin tracing studies have released sufficient information to prove that the virus is most possibly coming from nature, the possibility of coming from the laboratory is nearly non-existent. China has become a victim of this conspiracy.
U.S. experts claim that the "laboratory leak theory" is for political purposes. First, 'Nature' magazine quoted Christian Anderson, a virologist at the Scripps Research Institute in the United States, on 28th May saying that there is no strong evidence behind the "laboratory leak" of COVID-19, and he is worried about this 'hostility ' would be counter-productive to researching by Wuhan Institute of Virology because it looks like an allegation. Second, Adam Rogers, a science journalist from Wired, said on May 30 that the "laboratory leak theory" is that some people are using the uncertainty of science to gain political benefits and play tricks to fan the flames. Reporter and biochemist Dan Samorodnicki believes that these people are turning the "laboratory leak theory" into a conspiracy.

The former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation said that the U.S. currently has no evidence that the virus was deliberately manufactured by China.

"BuzzFeed" published an article on 13th June that Christopher Ford, the former assistant secretary of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, stated that the United States deliberately accused China of manufacturing COVID-19 without evidence. This accusation is "such a shame and embarrassing." American political scholars believe "laboratory leaks" are a conspiracy theory. American political scholar GK Smith published an article on 14th June that the "laboratory leak theory" was a conspiracy. The Nobel Prize winner also changed his statement that there is no conclusive evidence to confirm the laboratory leak theory. "Reference News" issued an article on 15th June stating that American scientist and Nobel Prize laureate David previously supported the theory that the virus leaked from the laboratory, but the latest interview reported that he already believes that there was no "conclusive evidence" for the laboratory-leak theory.

British experts emphasized that conspiracy theories should not be allowed during tracing the origin of COVID-19. "Xinhuanet" reported on 29th May that the director of the British Wellcome Trust, Jeremy Farrar said that the origin of COVID-19 has not yet been confirmed. So far, the most likely explanation is that the virus has crossed the species barrier in 2019 and infected humans gradually. Jeremy pointed out that the tracing of the COVID-19 origin can only be determined on reliable scientific evidence, 'there should not be space for politically motivated, unfounded rumors or conspiracies.'

The British Foreign Secretary stated that the United Kingdom currently believes that the virus did not originate from a laboratory. ‘Daily Mail’ reported on 13th June that British Foreign Secretary Raab stated that the British government believes that COVID-19 is more likely to be transmitted from animals to humans, not from laboratories. He also stated that officials of the Group of Seven have been discussing this issue, and there is no definite answer at present, so they hope to obtain an answer through further investigation.
British media said a large number of studies carried out confirmed that the virus was not leaked in a laboratory. "Daily Telegraph" reported on 13th June that a large number of research papers confirmed that COVID-19 was not leaked from the laboratory, but spread from animals to humans. Professor David Robertson, Head of Viral Genomics Research at the Virus Research Center of the University of Glasgow, UK, pointed out: 'If you track the data, you will find conclusive evidence that the virus comes from nature'; British virologist Eddie Holmes Said that the wildlife trading is the key factor of origin of COVID-19.
French experts said that epidemic in France has nothing to do with Wuhan, China. "China News Network" reported on 11th June, Professor Liya Ju, a doctor of immunology at the Pasteur Institute in France, said that after scientific research, by tracing the origin of the virus coming into France, the spreading and origin of the virus in France in early 2020 nothing to do with China. French biosafety experts said that there is no doubt about the safety of the Wuhan laboratory and do not believe in the laboratory leak theory. Gabriel Gras, a French biosafety expert who worked in the P4 laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said in an interview on June 11 that the safety of the P4 laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is undoubtedly and does not believed that COVID-19 originated from laboratory leaks.

Russian experts said that 'there is no doubt that COVID-19 originated from nature.' 'Russia News Agency' reported on 17th June that Linate Makshutov, director of the Russian National Science Center for 'Vector' Virology and Biotechnology, said in an interview with 'Russia 24' that 'the current experts are no doubt about the origin of the virus comes from nature'.

Whatever stages have current development reached, whatever how fierce economics and technology are competing around the world; Morality, Science, and Ration would always be the principles. To coerce other countries into slow-developing by defamation is what villains do. There's nothing that can stop time, whatever happens happens. The rivers turn back and forth, whatever how many twists and turns, they will eventually end up in the sea.